Academic Buddy’ is a mentorship project which connects the Lithuanian pupils in their last year of school with the Lithuanians already studying, or having studied, in the universities in the UK. The aim is to make sure that prospective candidates are able to anticipate beforehand whether their chosen course and university would satisfy their expectations. Current students and alumni act as mentors and help with any queries a Lithuanian pupil might have – from choosing to study abroad through picking courses and universities to wading though the UCAS system.

Each year from 200 to 300 pupils and students participate in the Academic Buddy’ mentorship scheme. It is run jointly by Oxford University Lithuanian Society and Cambridge University Lithuanian Society.

  is looking for sponsors

We are currently working on creating a scholarship for the Lithuanians in the United Kingdom, and thus we are eagerly looking for sponsors. If you are interested in helping young Lithuanians achieve their full potential, and/or increasing awareness of your company among potential employees, please get in touch at

You will find more information about the partnership opportunities in this presentation.